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6 days ago @ 3:55PM

Fall Sports Mitigation, Fan Attendance, Ticketing Information


Loudoun County Public Schools will be participating in fall interscholastic sports under guidelines set forth by the Virginia High School League (VHSL), which governs interscholastic sports for all 317 public high schools in the Commonwealth. 

Practices for fall sports began Thursday, February 4, for football and competition cheer with the first competitions set for February 22.  Cross country, field hockey, golf, and volleyball started practices on Monday, February 15, with their first competition beginning on March 1.  The fall sports season will end on or before May 1 depending on the sport. 


The athletic department reminds athletes and families that programs may have to pause due to COVID-19 exposures or positive cases within a team or program. Schools understand that games may have to be canceled due to their team being placed in quarantine related to a COVID-19 exposure or a positive case. LCPS Student Health Services and the LCHD work together on contact investigations and determining if individuals or groups have to quarantine or isolate. 


The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) provided guidance as medical professionals that during substantial community spread that groups should wear a mask or consider canceling the activity.  In accordance with this guidance, athletes will be required to wear a mask when participating in practice and in competition.  Outdoor athletes who maintain ten feet of physical distancing and competition cheerleaders when competing or practicing tumbling / stunts are exempt from the mask requirement.   

If either the CDC core indicator relating to the Loudoun County case incidence rate or the Loudoun County percent positivity rate falls below the highest risk level for 5 consecutive work days, student athletes will not be required to wear masks in outdoor competitions. The mask requirement will remain in place for all athletes, coaches and others when not in competition, at all practices, and when competing indoors.  The only time a face covering may be removed for practice is if everyone can maintain a minimum of 10 feet of social distancing.  A cloth face mask, disposable face mask, or neck gaiter meets these requirements. 



On Wednesday, February 17, Governor Northam updated Executive Order 72 as it relates to Recreational Sports. This amendment goes into effect February 22 and lasts until 11:59 pm on February 28.  

For outdoor sports and activities, the total number of spectators cannot exceed any of the following (i) the lesser of 30 percent of the occupancy load of the certificate of occupancy for the venue or (ii) 250 spectators per field.  

Spectators must wear face coverings at all times and ten feet of physical distance must be maintained between spectators who are not Family members. 

LCPS has made the following modifications to previous guidance based in part on the changes in EO 72.  All ages do count as spectators.  For example: 2-year-old will count as a spectator according to LCHD.   

OUTDOOR SPORTS: Each student athlete on the team roster will have the opportunity to purchase 1 ticket per game and must use their student ID as the code to purchase the available ticket.  The reduction to one ticket is due to the governor’s amended order which now says outdoor athletic events cannot exceed 250 spectators. In addition, football roster sizes and cheerleaders being counted as spectators have made this change necessary. These tickets are available for purchase until 12pm the day of the game.  After 12pm, all remaining tickets up to the 200 spectator limit will be made available for purchase.  

Golf is excluded since LCPS is a guest of the golf course and must comply with the rules of the golf course management.  Cross Country spectator guidance may vary based on the number of schools participating at the meet and further guidance will be provided in advance of the meet by the host school. 

INDOOR SPORTS: Each student athlete on the team roster will have the opportunity to purchase 1 ticket per game (For example, a ticket will be purchased, and you will attend the FR, JV or V game not all three games) and must use their student ID as the code to purchase the available ticket.  These tickets are available for purchase until 12pm the day of the game.  After 12pm, all remaining tickets up to the 25 spectator limit will be made available for purchase. 


LCPS has secured Ticket Spicket, a contactless ticket vendor for all activities and athletic events. The ticket purchasing experience should make the purchaser feel comfortable; the process is more efficient, contactless, and secure.  Cash will not be accepted at the gate; all tickets must be purchased through Ticket Spicket. 


Ticket Spicket is the vendor LCPS will utilize to purchase all athletic event tickets during the 2020-2021 school year. Ticket Spicket has an app available for free download to your smartphone devices, or you can access it through your web browser at Ticket Spicket. Ticket Spicket provided instructions and a video for how fans may access the Ticket Spicket platform: Quick Start Guide or Video: Buying Tickets & Checking in


Tickets can be purchased through the app or online.  Click “Buy Tickets” and search for the high school your child is a member of their athletic program. One redeemable code is available per athlete.  The code is your athlete’s student ID number.   


Region events or competitions with schools outside of our school division will require a code to be created and shared with those schools involved to purchase tickets. 

Ticket Spicket should be opening tickets for purchases in the next couple of days, at which point tickets can begin to be purchased. 




If the game is canceled, refunds will be issued through Ticket Spicket.  Contact  If a ticket is purchased, but the purchaser does not attend the game, refunds are not issued.  If a game is rescheduled, tickets will automatically be redeemable for the rescheduled date. 




Follow signage, as some schools may be using a different ticket entrance for home and away fans.  The purchaser should have the ticket showing on their phone.  Do not “tear” your ticket on your phone until you arrive at the gate and the ticket manager instructs you to do so.  Additionally, all spectators/officials/visitors/media will have to complete an online health questionnaire prior to entering the contest.  Here is a link to the health screening questionnaire: Health Screening Form.  A green check mark marks the end of the questionnaire.  Please have that screenshot available and ready to show on your phone as well as the purchased ticket.  Every individual person must complete the questionnaire.   


Important Note: Spectators must not redeem their tickets before entering the event. Spectators must submit a health screening questionnaire before entering the event. Link to the Health Screening Form


LCPS athletic competitions will be livestream through a cooperative arrangement with The NFHS Network. This is a subscription service costing $69.99 for an annual pass, $10.99 for a monthly pass. All proceeds from the sales of subscriptions will be deposited at the local high school designated when purchasing your subscription.  Golf and cross country will not be livestreamed in the same matter as traditional field or court sports.   

LCPS continues to monitor VDH, CDC, and VHSL guidelines and will provide updates as information evolves and restrictions change. We appreciate your attention to these matters as we continue our efforts to provide safe ways for students to participate in athletics, extra curricular, co-curricular, and other student based activities during these challenging times. 


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