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Loudoun County High School

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Loudoun County High School

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Winter COVID Surge & Updated LCPS Mitigation Strategies

LCPS has had to make changes and bring back some previous mitigation strategies.  It will be very challenging over the next couple of weeks, so we need to understand over the holidays that people might be unavailable to perform contact tracing, which will cause the pause to be longer until completed.  I hope everyone understands, as everyone deserves time off to be with family and friends. 

LCPS Athletics is experiencing a surge of student-athletes testing positive for COVID-19 and most of the cases are among our fully vaccinated student-athletes.  LCPS will require the following mitigation strategies to be fully implemented immediately until the surge is over and the rate of positive cases declines.  Adhering to these guidelines should help reduce the transmission of COVID-19 within our programs and pauses of our programs from activities.

Reminders and updates for COVID-19 (Coaches and Athletic Departments)

  1. Updated facemask requirements for athletics:  

Indoor Guidelines for Athletics and Activities (THESE ARE LCPS RULES FOR EVENTS IN COUNTY OR OUT OF COUNTY)

All participants, staff, spectators, and others not actively involved in practices and competitions must wear masks during practices and on the sidelines. Everyone in the weight room will have to wear a mask unless actively lifting.  Spotters are always required to wear a mask.  Swimmers must always wear a face mask unless they are swimming in the pool.  Please instruct swimmers to bring a zip lock bag for their mask so it can remain dry, while they are in the water.  Everyone on the pool deck must be wearing a mask.  Masks are required all the time in classrooms, locker rooms, and team rooms.  Masks are now optional for sideline cheerleaders and are not required to be worn when cheering on the sideline at games.  

Outdoor Guidelines for Activities and Athletics 

Masks are not required for outdoor activities.  Spectators are not required to wear masks. 

All LCPS Transportation for Athletics and Activities 

All passengers are required to wear a mask while using LCPS transportation to and from events. 

  1. All coaches must take daily attendance at all events and ask the following questions before taking attendance.  Current Health Screening Questions  If a student can answer yes to any of these questions, then the student must be sent home and cannot return until they provide a negative test result or have been seen by a health care provider that has provided clearance to return to activity.  LCPS staff should follow up with the parent of any student-athlete that is sent home.  LCPS is accepting a negative home test reading to meet the requirements.  (LCPS staff or students do not have to fill out a health-screening form) 
  2. Coaches must take practice breaks every 15 minutes for student-athletes and staff to wash hands or use a personal bottle of hand sanitizer.
  3. Student-Athletes must bring their own water bottle to every practice and competition.  
  4. Clean and disinfect all equipment used before and after practices
  5. Limit locker room usage during the winter break
  6. Discourage carpooling unless it is with a member of your household.

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