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Loudoun County High School

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Loudoun County High School

Team News.

Team News

7 months ago @ 5:09PM

Crew - rising 9th grade information

1. LC Crew Program and Coaching Staff. Loudoun County Crew is a Varsity, Tier III sport and is organized by a parent-led Board. LC Crew is a member of US Rowing and the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association.


Head Coach Cindy has been coaching athletes in sports from beginners to Olympians, and competing herself, locally to internationally for over 40 years. She is a professional trainer that focuses on the development of both physical and emotional performance. She has a strong base of skills from teaching high school PE to leading many athletic programs. She has a love for all water that came from her days of flatwater kayaking and love of guiding athletes through the vehicle of sport to be successful in life.


Technical Development Coach Sarah is a local from Northern Virginia where she brings her technical skills and enthusiasm for the sport as a rower and a coach. She rowed in high school where her boat won a State title. She continued to coach while at the University of Tennessee, then for a high school club in Kentucky.


  1. Typical practice schedule. Practices are after-school 3 times a week at Algonkian Regional Park on the Potomac River. Loudoun County high schools will begin to row out of Beaver Dam Reservoir once the boat house and park are complete (expected Fall 2021). Regattas are every Saturday at Sandy Run Regional Park

(h  ttps:// or at other selected out-of-town regattas.


  1. What physical activity can I be doing to get ready for Crew? Rowing is a sport that demands power and endurance. You can be cycling, running, swimming, circuit training, and weight training to build those skills. The more overall fitness you bring to the spring season, the better.  ie. be able to run 30 mins easily, know your timed mile running, know how many pushups and pullups/rows you can do, and have strong legs, and a strong core (front and back) . A conditioning program is offered to LCHS students in the off-season beginning in January, or earlier as planned.


  1. Where does LC Crew row? LC Crew practices at Algonkian Regional Park. Practices willl move to Beaverdam Reservoir in the Fall 2021.


  1. Out of season practices or conditioning. Staying in shape year-round is advantageous to all sports. If you participate in other sports in school, you will be cross-training and arrive at crew practices ready to go. Out of season practices and conditioning can be offered to those interested and motivated.


  1. Are their summer camps, leagues or organizations you can row? There is a Loudoun County Crew organization that supports multi-school participation in the off-season. LC Crew will offer skill development as permission is granted by LCPS due to the COVID-19 response to high school athletic programs.

Team News

11 months ago @ 2:47PM

Crew FAQs
Team News

9 months ago @ 8:02AM

Crew 2020 Tryouts
Tryout Information

Join the growing tradition of LC Crew this Spring

A physically challenging and highly rewarding experience


Tryouts to join 2020 LC Crew involve a timed 2K on an erg, strength and a swim test. All parts of the tryout are required.


Please click on the link below for dates, times and location and to register for tryouts. Online registration is REQUIRED to participate in tryouts.


Contact LC Crew at with any questions.
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